Watch Out For These Upcoming VR Games

VR headsets seem to be the centre of attention this year, and the hype is real. Whether it’s the HTC Vive or the PS VR, everyone seems to be craving for some of that virtual reality action, and for all the right reasons. Considering all this, it’ll be unfair not to have a list of the top titles that are making their debut on the VR platforms. So here it is, the GC list of the 5 best upcoming VR games (in no particular order, of course). Batman: Arkham VR Release Date: October 2016 Platform: PS VR Arkham: VR is a brand new take on the Arkham series (not a sequel, though), where you can be Batman. Finally, you can say AND mean the words “I’m Batman” (I mean, I’m Batman). The fascinating thing is that the game does not seem to be as action packed as the ori...

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