Upcoming PS4 Exclusives

Best Upcoming PS4 Exclusives Of 2018

2017 saw abundant of PS4 exclusives. In fact, the quality exclusives were the fact that PS4 dominated in the console market. Sony hopes to continue the trend with these upcoming PS4 exclusives. Days Gone When Days Gone was first revealed at E3 2016, it surprised everyone with hordes of zombies jumping on the player. It has been much awaited since then and it’ll be finally out in 2018. God Of War When there were no more Greek gods to kill, Kratos changed his mythology from Greek to Norse, so do expect an encounter with Thor, the god of lightning or Odin, the all father. ┬áThe reboot features RPG mechanics such as discovery and levelling up among its numerous other changes. Ghost of Tsushima Ghost of Tsushima puts you in the shoes of a feudal Japanese Samurai in 1274. The peace has been...

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