Unity Technologies

Silver Lake Invests $400 Million In Unity

Silver Lake, a private equity firm has agreed to invest $400 million in Unity Technologies, revealed John Riccitiello, the CEO of Unity. This investment values the game development software based in San Francisco at $2.6 billion. The deal still needs to be approved by the regulators, Riccitiello said. He also mentioned that about half of the money will allow some of the employees and early shareholders to cash out. “A big chunk of it is secondary and that’s because it makes sense to let employees buy cars,” he said. “In terms of primary capital we don’t ultimately need all that primary capital—the capital is safety when we’re investing to grow as fast as we are.” Unity Technologies was founded back in 2004, has become of the most popular game engines, with titles de...

Unity 5 Game Engine Announced at GDC 2015

Unity Technologies announced at the Game Developers Conference, that its latest game engine, Unity 5, is now available globally. According Unity Technologies, the engine update contains “massive graphics improvements and an expanded editor feature set.” Graphically, the engine now has physically based shading, “real-time global illumination with Enlighten, and reflection probes.” The company also announced Unity Cloud Build, which will allow developers to increase their productivity by “leveraging the power of cloud computing.”   CEO John Riccitiello stated that the company wants everyone to be able to have access to Untiy 5″which is why we’ve increased the value of our royalty-free licenses.” The professional edition of Unity 5 features Unity...

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