Game Designer Says Devs Would Be More Open About Games If It Weren’t For Toxic Gamer Culture

It’s no secret that game devs can be a little secretive about their projects. And it’s not always to create a mystery around the game, it can also be because being candid about it isn’t the best thing for them, thanks to the toxic culture in gaming. Charles Randall, a designer and programmer who has worked for Ubisoft and Bioware wrote a thread on Twitter which presents an interesting point of view: “The other day a friend commented to me “I wish game developers were more candid about development.” He was surprised when I said we are. The caveat is that we’re only candid with other industry people. Because gamer culture is so toxic that being candid in public is dangerous. See that recent twitter thread about game design tricks to make games better — filled with gam...

Pokémon Go: The Biggest Smartphone Game In U.S. History

The debate is settled. Pokémon GO is officially the biggest mobile game to exist in the U.S. history. Measued by daily active users, Pokémon Go surpassed the hit indie game and Supercell’s blockbuster game Clash Royale and became the biggest smartphone game of 2016, WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ITS RELEASE.  What’s more, is that within three days of its release, Pokémon Go has attracted more users than Twitter, reached the top charts if the App Store, earning devleopers Niantic millions of dollars and causing Nintendo’s stock price to shoot up by about 25%.  As of yesterday, Pokémon GO had just under 21 million daily active users in the US, leaving Candy Crush saga in the dust and making it the biggest mobile game in US history. Tinder and Clash and Candy Crush are all i...

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