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The Best Shows On Netflix You Should Be Watching Right Now

Netflix, like the popular phrase based off it, has permeated every layer of our existence. Slight exaggeration, but hey, even without a partner to ‘Netflix and Chill’ with, it is one of the best ways to spend your time. There is a huge range of shows available to us in India, even though the Indian catalogue is only a part of the actual collection. Here are some shows worth checking out: 1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt You have probably never come across a show as weird as this one. The series focusses on the life of the titular character who was held captive by a cult leader in an underground bunker for 15 years. What follows when she is finally let out is her hilarious journey into a world where she has no idea how to survive. Guiding her grudgingly is the flamboyantly gay Titus Andronicus....

The Best Ways To Watch Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows In India

Streaming online content seems to be the in thing these days, actually it has been for quite a while now. In the States, Netflix has revolutionized the way people consume their content and now with broadband/cellular data connectivity improving in India, streaming movies and TV shows are becoming a viable option nowadays. It might be kinda far fetched to say that it is replacing cable, but it definitely is impacting the way people consume content.  People are shifting toward online streaming services for entertainment for the sole purpose of convenience. You can view shows not just on your television but your laptop/PC and even mobile if you’re on the go. Another reason is that you choose what to watch and are not browsing through channels trying to find something worth your time. Th...

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