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We’ve Finally Achieved Toy Story Level Graphics In Video Games, And Nobody Seems To Care

Remember all the buzz around the Playstation 2 era about Video Games finally achieving Toy Story level of graphics? Cinematic in earlier Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games sure teased us some great visuals, but none of that ever translated to the actual in-game graphics. Over the last few years, visual fidelity has slowly been on the rise, both on PC and consoles. Games like Metro: Last Light, Crysis, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher and GTA V (to name a few) have raised the bar for what we expect from games touting highly details graphics and immersion. So when Kingdom Hearts 3 recently announced the addition of Toy Story World in the game, not a lot of heads turned at how near perfectly the developers had matched the game’s visuals with that of the movie. Sony’s promise of deli...

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