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The Top 5 Games Of 2015

It’s time to round up the best games of this year. Here are our top five: Witcher 3: If you’ve spent any time playing the final installation of Geralt’s adventure, you know how stunning and impressive The Witcher 3: Wild hunt is. CD Projekt spent almost 5 years developing this game,  and  build a world so big you can lose yourself in it for days, a gruff-voiced lead character who somehow retains humour and humanity, and a variety of horribly memorable monsters and antagonists – Witcher 3 is everything you could want from an open world role-playing adventure. Fallout 4: This game was the most awaited title of 2015, and players have already spent countless hours exploring the huge open wasteland, uncovering its numerous secrets and mysteries. Fallout 4 was what we expected. The Commonw...

Top Five Under-Rated Games Of 2015

Now I know that 2015 had a lot of big releases, and we wouldn’t blame you for missing out on some of the lesser know, albeit incredibly good good titles. Anyways, worry not, because I’ve got you covered. Here are some amazing games released in 2015, that you should absolutely check out. Helldivers Platform: PS4, PS3, Vita This twin-stick shooter from Arrowhead Studios doubles down on cooperative gameplay to great effect. The Gaming Central office was abuzz with enthusiasm for Helldivers upon its early March release, but it faded into the backdrop over the course of the year. Even after the unlocks dry up, the challenge and camaraderie that Helldivers offers makes it hard not to attempt “just one more mission” with your friends, a proposition made all the more entici...

Sony confirm The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4

Sony has finally confirmed the rumor that  The Last of Us: Remastered is real. “SCEA can confirm The Last of Us Remastered is coming to PS4, and we’ll be sharing more details with you shortly.”   This rumor initially started when a listing for The Last of Us: Remastered for PlayStation 4 was seen on Sony’s PlayStation Store. The listing, spotted by NeoGAF, has appeared on the Sony Entertainment Network website in the US, stating a $59.99 price and a day one digital release–suggesting a physical edition is also likely in the works.   Source: Martin Gaston

5 Games you need to play right away

Gears of War The visuals are pretty awesome, the story is good, and the cover based third person combat is phenomenal. What more do you really need? Halo Which gamer hasn’t spent hours on this game playing against his buddies on campaign mode. With quite large maps and really awesome weapons, this game isn’t one you would want to miss. Batman: Arkham City Coming from a large franchise, the game lives up to its expectation. With one of the larger gaming environments, this game has engaging combat and brilliant visuals. BioShock Although this game doesn’t have the best graphics, it surely makes up for that in the insane story line it possesses. The ending takes you by surprise, and you’ll never see it coming. And again, a very large and rich environment for gamers to explor...

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