The Last of Us DLC

New Last of Us DLC is a treat for multiplayer

Well we’ve got some not to good news. If you were under the impression that once you picked up The Last of Us: Remastered,that you were going to get every bit of DLC that Naughty Dog and Sony had to offer, well you thought wrong. Both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will be getting updates in the form of a DLC- whether that’s good news or bad depends on how much you like The Last of Us multiplayer and hats. Over the next few weeks Naughty Dog will come out with multiplayer-focused cosmetic content for The Last of Us. And the other day they started with releasing new Gestures and the Grit and Gear Bundle, which includes items like cowboy hats, a jet pilot helmet, samurai helmet and welding face shield. And sometime next week, you’ll be able to deck your Fireflies and ...

The Last of Us DLC and PS4 Remastered Version

Just a few days before the remastered version of the The Last of Us comes out for PS4, Naughty Dog plans on revealing the newest Last of Us downloadable content today as part of a live stream on Twitch. The details regarding the new DLC are still quite scarce but we know it will be available for both PS3 and PS4. New maps are expected to be at least part of it, and the images you see to the right and below are teases for where they will be set. Previous DLC packs included the Abandoned Territories map pack  and the Grounded bundle. Naughty Dog said recentlymore DLC is planned for The Last of Us, but that all of it will be for the game’s multiplayer mode. They also showed highlights of the Remastered’s new features on PS4, as well as introducing The Last of Us’ multiplayer...

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