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the last guardian review

How To Tame Your BirdDog (In Just Under 10 Years): The Last Guardian Review

The Last Guardian was not an easy game to review. As I started the game, and the initialĀ title screen with Fumito Ueda’s name splashed across it popped, I could only stare for a few moments, taking in the fact that after almost a decade The Last Guardian was finally more than just fairy dust. It was a real video game, that I could play on my PS4. AndĀ I couldn’t help but be appreciative of that fact. I had been eager to see what Team Ico had accomplished this time around. I am a big fan of Shadow Of The Colossus, and despite it’s flaws, it’s one of my favorite games till date. And so as I sit to review The Last Guardian, I am biased, and I want to be. I want to give this a higher rating than this game deserves, and I want you to play it, in spite of the frustration I...

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