The Depths

Secrets Of The Maw – Review

For anyone looking to return to the grotesque world of Little Nightmares, Secrets of the Maw is a three part DLC. The first chapter of the DLC is called ‘The Depths’, and as the name suggests it takes place closer to the bottom of the ship, The Maw. Not a lot has changed in The Maw since your last visit here, except that in ‘The Depths’, there’s a lot more water. Parts of The Maw are flooding, and most of the puzzles here are water-based. This part of the game is best played once the main game has been completed, since the game does a lot less hand holding here and expects you to be familiar with the game. And because of this familiarity, you will, for the most part, know what to do. The trick will be in nailing the timing and getting out before drowning. You play as ‘The Runaway Kid...

Little Nightmares ‘The Depths’ DLC Now Available

As part of Secrets of The Maw, the Expansion Pass of the critically-acclaimed game Little Nightmares from Tarsier Studios, The Depths is now available on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live store and Steam. In the first chapter of this escape story taking place in parallel to Six’s, another prisoner of the Maw known as The Runaway Kid will explore the decayed and flooded basement of this sinister place. In order to survive, The Kid will have to solve water-based puzzles and swim through the treacherous waters while avoiding the grasp of The Granny – the abandoned monster living in this murky place.   Little Nightmares is available in digital and physical format on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The first chapter The Depths is now available, the second one The Hideway will be released in N...

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