PlayStation 4 Doubles Its Game Count At TGS 2015

Sony’s PlayStation ┬áhas taken and announced few vital announcements and games at TGS 2015. When compared with last year’s TGS, PS4 has proven its popularity since more than 100 games were showcased at TGS 2015 of Sony. Moreover this time Sony has also announced for a price drop of PS4 consoles in Japan from 332$ to 290$. Last year at Sony TGS their were 42 games which were announced however this time at Sony TGS 2015 the count has been doubled, i.e from 42 to 103 games. Focusing on home consoles and dedicated handhelds Sony is the boss of Japan market right now. Many interesting game trailers and gameplay footages were released, however we were able to compile the best of them. Dark Souls 3 Developers: FromSoftware | Publishers: Bandai Namco | Release Date: April 2016 As fires ...

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