Stranger Things 3

Stranger Things 3 – Review

Stranger Things 3 closely follows the events of the third season of Netflix’s popular show by the same name. It’s a pixel art isometric game where you can play with a friend and explore Hawkins. For a game based on popular media, it’s surprisingly well done, and and if fact adds tidbits to the story that are not present in the show itself. Exploration and interaction is generally fun, while there are some fetch quests and repetition that detract from the overall experience. Since the game is based mostly on the events of the third season of the show, I would recommend playing it once you have seen all the episodes, and for it, it was actually better this way. Pros: Fun story Looks good Enjoyable Co-op Cons: Dull side quests Not for you if you’re not into the show  Score – 8/10 About:...

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