Sly Spy review

Sly Spy – Review

The Name is Spy, Sly Spy The name is Spy, Sly Spy, admittedly an ambiguous choice when it comes to initials, but an all-around pistol-wielding badass. The American version of MI6’s precious Mr. Bond, come to live in the action platformer of the same name, ported to the Nintendo Switch. Another retro arcade game of yesteryear. How does it hold up in today’s day and age? I am a big James Bond buff, and it comes as no surprise that the Nintendo 64’s golden boy is still Goldeneye 007. Surely there must be a solid dose of nostalgia at play here, but that game was instrumental to me personally, as well as to the industry as a whole. Any other Bond title released on a Nintendo platform since, I had to pick up and play. Sly Spy is not James Bond, but for intents and purposes, he is the perfect sta...

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