Slide & Smash

Slide & Smash! – Free Casual Gummy Crushing Puzzle

SLIDE, MATCH, SMASH & CRUSH cute gummies on your way to high scores in this endless casual puzzle game. Match and slide gummies to similarly colored sides of the board to smash and crush them. Sliding and smashing gummies is so exciting you won’t stop playing this addictive free casual puzzle game. The player has to simply swipe their screens to slide gummies to matching sides of the board. Smash more than two gummies to get higher points and unlock special types of gummies for memorable sweet moments. Gerald Gombiro founder of 2.0, said of the new game: “This is a sweet and cute game, designed to enhance the player’s joy and experience. It’s truly endlessly addicting and it’s gorgeous graphics are sure to keep the players engaged and excited.” About 2.0 2.0 is ...

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