Total War: Warhammer Adds a New Race as a Warhammer 2 Pre-Order Bonus

Creative Assembly today announced that the barbaric Norscans will be the latest playable Race added to Total War: Warhammer. Anyone pre-ordering Total War: Warhammer II through a SEGA approved retailer* before release or buying in the first week on sale will receive the Norsca Race Pack for Total War: Warhammer free of charge. The Norsca Race Pack will be playable in the first part of the trilogy from August 10th, ahead of Total War: Warhammer II’s release on September 28th. In the frozen Norsca peninsula far to the north, barbaric tribes serve the dark gods through hunting and pillaging. Hardened by relentless blizzards and the monstrous beasts of this bitter wilderness, the Norscans exist only to lay waste. This DLC introduces two new playable factions, led by unique Legendary Lords. Pla...

Sonic Forces Main Theme Song Unveiled

Sega has unveiled the vocal version of the main theme song to Sonic Forces, “Fist Bump,” featuring Doug Robb of Hoobastank. Sonic Forces is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this holiday. Listen to song below- Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

SEGA Announces SEGA Forever, Free Classic Games For Smartphones

In celebration of a simpler time – an era that came before cool kale, hyper-connectedness, DIY artisanal beer-making, and social media mayhem – Sega Networks is bringing a growing collection of classic video games from every console era to your mobile device for free. The collection, called Sega Forever, is a re-awakening of archetypal gaming, an ode to the deep and diverse Sega catalogue, and the beginning of a retro revolution that will transport players back through two decades of console gaming. Each game in the Sega Forever lineup is free-to-play, ad-supported, playable offline, and includes added features like cloud saves, controller support, and leaderboards. For players who prefer a pristinely ad-free mobile gaming experience – folks who want to play Sega just lik...

Sonic Mania Reveals Chemical Plant Zone

Blue Blur Takes On Blue Goo In New Sonic Mania Chemical Plant Zone Gameplay Reveal Take a deep breath and hold on tight, because today SEGA® revealed Chemical Plant via brand new Sonic Mania footage. Unlike Sonic 2’s version of Chemical Plant Zone, the new makeover in Sonic Mania features additional routes, new hazards, and other new surprises plus an entirely original Act II that will send you flying, bouncing, and spinning towards a finale that few will see coming. Don’t let the toxic blue goo stop you! Developed by Christian Whitehead, Headcannon, and PagodaWest Games in collaboration with SEGA of America, Sonic Mania celebrates the best of Classic Sonic, pushing the envelope forward with stunning 60 FPS gameplay and pixel-perfect physics. Play as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles as you race t...

Sonic Forces Custom Character Screenshots

Earlier this year SEGA had announced that the upcoming Sonic Forces would feature a Custom Character alongside Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic. SEGA recently released screenshots of what you could make your character look like. It looks like you can choose from multiple races and have a variety of options to deck out your character with. This feature is probably something that a lot of the Sonic fandom wanted and I feel like they would be pretty happy with this. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

SEGA Announces WWE Partnership With WWE Tap Mania For Smartphones

SEGA announced today a partnership with global entertainment company WWE to publish a new free-to-play idle mobile game called WWE Tap Mania. The game is being developed by The Tap Lab, based in Cambridge, MA, and is projected for launch later this year. This partnership unites two celebrated global brands, adding an exciting new element to SEGA’s diverse catalog of mobile games. “At SEGA, we like to find new ways to bring brands and experiences to a wide mobile gaming audience,” said Naoki Kameda, COO of SEGA’s mobile division in the West. “This partnership with WWE presents a fresh opportunity for collaboration. Working with WWE, a monumental leader in global entertainment, along with The Tap Lab, a studio known for crafting action-packed games that are fun ...

Dawn Of War 3 Gets A Release Date

SEGA has confirmed that the upcoming RTS game, Dawn of War 3 (developed by Relic Entertainment) will be releasing on 30th April, 2017. This is the first piece of information that has been confirmed beyond the fact that the game will be released next year. However, there is no date on the game’s Steam Store page or the Dawn of War website as of yet. Additionally, the SEGA website says that the game will be a PC Download, rather than a full PC release. This could very well mean that the game will not be getting a retail launch. Check out the announcement trailer for the game below:   For more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

SEGA Mega Drive Classics Hub Coming to Steam

I know there are some gamers out there who miss those Sega classics such as them Shinobi games, Streets of rage and who can forget our very own Sonic from those Sonic the Hedgehog series. Well guys and girls I have some good news for you, our very own Sega is bringing all the SEGA Mega Drive Classics to Steam!, yes you heard that right all those Sega classics are coming to Steam and the good news does not end here, the Genesis Classics Hub releasing as a free update on Steam! Now, now to increase the nostalgia and feels, Sega has introduced this new look, so basically once you load up the game on steam, you’ll be introduced with this new look system which is based on a bedroom of an early nineties SEGA fan, coupled with dynamic time-of-day conditions, retro SEGA paraphernalia, a shelf full...

Total War: ATTILA will be available at just Rs. 999/-

Total War: ATTILA, is the next instalment in the multi award-winning Total War series of strategy games is now available for preorder at just Rs. 999/- by e-xpress Interactive Software Pvt Ltd, the leading distributor of video games in India. About the game: The Dark Ages approach. A time of famine, disease and war, where refugees in their thousands flee from a sweeping tide of destruction and death. Desperate barbaric tribes rally against the ailing might of a dying and divided Roman empire; the light of civilization gutters and dims. In the great steppes of Scythia, a vast and terrifying force gathers, led by a warrior king whose thirst for conquest is utterly unequalled. The Scourge of God, the very herald of the apocalypse, Attila the Hun. Total War: ATTILA introduces exciting new game...

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