Says They’re Making Single Player Games

Gabe Newell Hints At Possibility Of New Half Life Game, Says They’re Making Single Player Games

In a recent Reddit AMA session, Gabe Newell, the┬áPresident at Valve Software, had some interesting insights to share on what’s next for Valve. To start with, he confirmed that valve is working on new video games, including ‘fully fledged single player games’. He also hinted at the possibility of the game being based in the Half Life universe, if not an outright continuation of Freeman’s adventures. He was vague on anything directly associated with the Half Life series, specially Half Life 3, stating that ‘the number 3 must not be said’. Also regarding anonymous sources claiming that Half Life 3 will never be made, he sarcastically replied that ‘I personally believe all unidentified anonymous sources on the Internet’. With regards to games act...

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