rx 570

Review: ASUS Strix RX 570 Graphics Card

AMD was quick to refresh its RX 400 series with better RX 500 cards, offering more features and better performance. Today we have with us the RX 570, which ups the RX 470 which made a pretty great choice for 1080p gaming. Let’s see how better the 570 fares. Like the RX 470 was to the RX 480, the RX 570 comes as a little nerfed version of the RX 580, promising to enhance your gaming experience while still being easy on the budget. It has 32 compute units with 2048 stream processors, along with 32 ROPs. It has a base clock speed of 1168 MHz compared to the 470’s 926MHz, while the boost clock speed is 1244 MHz, compared to the 470’s 1206 MHz. In addition to better specs, AMD has also added some new features to the 500 series, one of which is Radeon Chill. It helps in reducin...

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