Best Nindie RPG On Your Nintendo Switch Cosmic Star Heroine Review!

  Over 20 hours of adventuring and battling your way across the universe in gorgeous 16-bit art style and a wealth of good music awaits you as you embark the Cosmic Star Heroine spaceship. Check out the battle system, various settings, cut-scenes and much more in this action packed-review by NintendoKid. Kindly note that a review code was provided by Zeboyd Games, developer of Cosmic Star Heroine for the Nintendo Switch. More Nintendo Switch game reviews coming soon, stay tuned! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/cosmic-star-heroine-switch Please be sure to follow me on Twitter, as I cover all the latest and greatest in the world of video gaming on the Nintendo Switch through reviews, previews, unboxings, giveaways, and let’s stay in touch! NintendoKid @ Twitter Tweets by dav...

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios Announce Magic: The Gathering RPG

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios Announce Magic: The Gathering RPG Perfect World Entertainment, a leading publisher of online games, and Cryptic Studios, today announced the development of a brand new RPG based on Magic: The Gathering, the acclaimed strategic card game by Wizards of the Coast. The AAA RPG (Note: It’s actually a free-to-play MMORPG) is currently being developed from the ground up for both PC and console. Additional details and the game’s official title will be revealed at a later date. The world’s most popular strategy card game, Magic: The Gathering transforms players into Planeswalkers, powerful mages who can travel between planes, cast spells and summon mythical creatures. The beloved trading card game has over 20 million fans across more than 70 cou...

Fallout Shelter To Hit PC, Update 1.6 Coming Soon

Fallout Shelter was released as a pre-buzz for Fallout 4, Bethesda’s much awaited post-apocalyptic action RPG. And indeed, it did cause a lot of buzz. The free-to-play mobile simulation game because a huge sensation soon after its release on iOS and Android, having more than 50 million downloads till date. The game tasks the player with building and managing their own Vault, a fallout shelter. Players guide and direct the citizens of the Vault, and need to keep them happy through meeting their needs such as power, food, and water. Balancing resources is an important aspect of the game. Many different rooms can be built in the vault, providing different items or stat bonuses. Players are sometimes rewarded with lunchboxes that contain rewards, such as items or resources, which can pur...

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