Road Trip

Roundup September 2016: Gamer Rebellion, a Road Trip And a Store Opening

I know last month I said the same thing, that we had a packed month with lots of events going on and all, but if I thought last month was hectic, I clearly didn’t know what hectic meant. September has been a hectic month, with an average of 1.25 events each week( haha, yeah I did the math). Events was pretty much the overarching theme for the month really. If there was one thing that defined the month it would have to be Gamer Rebellion. For those who didn’t hear about it or have heard about it and don’t quite know what it is, Gamer Rebellion is an initiative that we started wherein we went from  college to college showcasing some of the best gaming hardware in the market right now. It all started with the launch of the RX 480 in India that we hosted in Radisson, Blu Dwar...

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