New Hero And Map Revealed For Overwatch At Blizzcon 2017

Moira is a world-renowned scientist specializing in genetics, who now works in the employ of the shadowy Talon organization. As a Support hero, she applies her vast knowledge on the battlefield to weaken her opponents and strengthen her allies. Her Biotic Grasp can drain life from enemies but can also be used to heal her teammates, while her Fade ability allows her to instantly escape danger by temporarily disappearing into the shadows. She can provide a surge of extra damage against foes—or added healing for friends—with Biotic Orb. Her ultimate ability, Coalescence, mends or maims those in its path; not even barriers can stop this powerful beam. NEW MAP – BLIZZARD WORLD An amusement park celebrating the universes of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, Blizzard World is a brand-new hybrid As...

Jaw Dropping Overwatch Fan Art

In addition to getting heat for Tracer’s “inappropriate” pose, Overwatch has made quite a lot of fans since its release. And with great fans comes great fan art. Here is some of the best we found on the internet for different Overwatch heroes. Genji Reaper Tracer Mei Lucio Junkrat Winston Widowmaker Reinhardt Tobjorn Mercy Hanzo Roadhog Zenyatta Special Mentions:    And to top it all, here’s a Bastion toaster: Share some of your artwork with us! To see more of this amazing fan art, go to this thread. Source: For more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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