Redesigned Batman

These Redesigned Batmans Will Make You Drool Pt. II

Not too long ago, I had done this article on a Facebook group called Brainstorm where artists take part in a whole bunch of challenges. For a certain month their task was to redesign Batman including his Batmobile and needless to say the results were insane. However, now I’ve come across another set of images on ScoopWhoop that depict Batman in different eras. Check them out   Viking Batman Source – mlkshk   1714 Batman Source – Alexon   Actual Bat Batman Source – Luke Maddox   Ottoman Batman Source – Eren Arik   Future Batman (Not to be confused with Batman Beyond) Source – Ryan HDZ   Greaser Batman Source – DenisM79   Actual Dark Knight Source – Johnas Larona   Medieval Batman Source – Daniel Ab...

These Redesigned Batmans Will Make You Drool

I’ve just come across something that is really cool. I found this group on Facebook called Brainstorm where artists can take part in an assortment of challenges. And this month their challenge was to redesign Batman including his Batmobile. The results are pretty neat. Here are some of the best entries from that challenge. It ranges from sci-fi like interpretations to some great historical ideas. For more pictures click here Source: Kotaku  

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