Redeemer – Review

Redeemer is an over the top action brawler where you play as a monk, who has come under attack. It’s pretty simplistic in it’s combat, but everything feels really tight and fluid. Kicks and punches easily flow into combos, and you can pick up items off the ground and bash enemies with it. You can also interact with the environment and pull off some really gory yet spectacular finishing moves, and it’s really satisfying overall. You are always encouraged to stay on the move, mixing it up between dodges and punches. Redeemer is also quite a looker, with some really flashy visuals and slow motion effects. Overall, really fun, especially in co-op! Pros: Mindless fun Looks great Tight combat Cons: Dull story Lacks depth Score – 7/10 About: REDEEMER is an intense Brawler where you will pun...

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