Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – Review

Playing Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has been some of my happiest moments in gaming this year. It may not be the best games of 2019, but it’s definitely up there. You play as Juno Markev, hunting down a killer. You fly around space, meeting folks at various space stations, clearing off enemies across various sectors, gathering information, upgrading your spacecraft, and being a space trucker/cowboy in general. The music is fantastic, with a massive collection of fantastic songs. Trust me, this game was made to chill with. The controls are snappy, and the shooting and maneuvering feels great. And the explosions are bombastic. The story is not the strongest, but the characters you meet along the way are personable, and keep the plot going. But you’re primarily here to shoot and explore, and Rebel Gal...

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