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So, Female Characters On PUBG’s Test Servers Have Cameltoes.. [NSFW]

With new maps and weapons coming to PUBG, we also have another addition that, presumably, no one asked for. The latest test server update adds comeltoes to female characters, drawing unwanted attention to their genital area. Take a look below: While I have nothing against cameltoes, in fact, I am all for it, it’s only fair that male characters get a similar treatment, and be given an obvious bulge in the same area. There’s has been a lot of talk regarding this across social media, and we would love to hear what you guys think of this. About Miramar – New Desert Map We are excited beyond words that we can finally share the name of our new desert map and tell you a little bit about some of the places you can visit. When we decided to create a new map, we focused on creating...

Five Screenshots Of The Upcoming PUBG Desert Map

Today NVIDIA revealed five exclusive screenshots for the upcoming desert map for the wildly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).   A Peek At the New Battleground Our five screenshots showcase a landscape that’s quite a bit different than Erangel, with a war-torn city area that features multiple multi-story buildings in various states of construction and decay and a strip mall shopping plaza. The rural areas are set in a harsh desert landscape that would be right at home in a spaghetti-western. There’s lots of wide-open desert areas with the familiar patches of development and isolated structures such as small villages, warehouses, and single-story houses. Oils rigs, canyon walls, towers and cranes should make for some interesting snipping, while the more dense cityscap...

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