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E3 2017 Highlights: Bethesda Press Conference

Everyone was expecting Bethesda to showcase something new and something exciting but people were let down by the lack of any.  No information about Starfield or the next TES games while they are still going on about Skyrim and Paid Mods. So let’s get on with what was actually announced by Bethesda. Doom VFR   The question to how they would answer traversal has been answered. Teleport your way around while blasting monsters and jamming to that awesome soundtrack in VR is going to be an absolute blast. Fallout 4 VR Do you like Fallout? Do you like VR? Do you like immersion? You’re in for a treat because Fallout 4 VR will let you play the entire game in VR. I hope you’re ready to get picked up and screamed in the face by a Deathclaw. Creation Club for Fallout 4 and Skyr...

What To Expect at E3 2017: Bethesda

Next up, Bethesda. A lot of rumours flying around with a new IP and VR versions of games. So let’s have a look at what we can expect from Bethesda at E3. Starfield This is what has people most excited. A brand new IP from Bethesda that takes place in Space! From the leaks that may or may not be true, this game is supposed to be a part of the Bethesda Universe where Fallout is the beginning and Elder Scrolls the far future with this being in-between in the time period.  With planet’s developed by developers and procedurally generated worlds as well, we wonder if this game will by the ultimate hype and then fail miserably. But from what we’ve read till now it seems to be a competitor for the Mass Effect series and I’m really excited to know about this new IP. Fallout ...

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