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Why The PlayStation 4 Does Not Have Backward Compatibility?

The Xbox and the PlayStation have been head to head with each other since their dawn. Yet the PlayStation 4 does not offer backwards compatibility, unlike the Xbox One. It’s also worth mentioning that the PlayStation has a much wider array of memorable games on its former consoles as compared to the Xbox. The PS, PS2, PS3 and PS4 run on completely different architecture. The PS4 would need hardware modifications to run PS, PS2 and PS3 games, especially over a disc. Even if Sony decides to inculcate backwards compatibility, it would take a tremendous investment and the feature would be available on the new consoles only. Thus, it is not observed as a profitable move by Sony. Instead, they’re investing this money in making new games, hence a number of quality exclusives. However,...

The PS4 Isn’t Perfect, And Sony Doesn’t Seem To Care

Sony’s PS4 is definitely one of the best consoles of the century, especially with numerous first-party exclusive that plays with your emotions as if they were a video game. Huh, ain’t that a sweet little paradox? Setting paradox’s aside, PS4 is a great console for the casual and hardcore players alike. I’m compelled to believe that it is a perfect, yet there are some things that impede me from doing so, and todayI shall be elaborate on those very things. Inconveniently long calls to customer service just for a refund It often occurs to me that a game which appears to be attractive at first sight does not surpass my basic expectations. In such a situation, I obviously wish for a refund, but as if it was that easy. Hours-long calls, threats to get banned and what not ...

Top 5 Things Gamers Desperately Want Sony To Change About The Playstation

Despite having great games, and a significantly powerful console, the Playstation ecosystem does have major issues that gamers desperately want Sony to fix. While the great games, both exclusives, cross-platform titles and indies, go a long way in maintaining a healthy player base, both the Xbox and Steam on PC have done a better job of streamlining their platforms for the benefit of the players. Be it the refund policy, or backwards compatibility, there are areas where the Playstation needs to step up their game to really be for the players. Cross-Platform Play While Microsoft, Steam and even Nintendo have opened up their player bases to allow cross platform play across systems, Sony is stubbornly insistent on not allowing the same for the PSN network. While Sony’s ultimate reason f...

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