The Evil Within 2 Leaving Players “Terrified And Rattled”?

The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming horror game developed by Tango Entertainment and published by Bethesda. The game has been getting some really positive buzz around it at game shows where the demo had been playable, and some are claiming that it’s most intense horror experience they have had in a long time. The lead developer for Evil Within 2 is Shinji Mikami, best known for his work on Resident Evil 4, which is hailed among the best games of all time. Needless to say, Shinji is a master of the craft when it comes to horror games. After trying the game at PAX West 2017, Garrett Drake from COG Connected has this to say: “Following my hands-on time with the sequel at PAX West 2017, I can confidently state that the follow-up to 2014’s smash hit is significantly more twisted and gh...

We Happy Few: An Upcoming Survival, Psychological, Thriller Game From The Devs Of Contrast

We happy few is an upcoming independent psychological thriller survival which is being developed and published by Compulsion Games. Set in a drug-fueled, retro futuristic city in an alternative 1960s England where the people are trying to escape from a lifetime of joy denial. You must learn to hide in plain sight among the Joy-happy citizens of Wellington Wells, using stealth and combat u must survive the world and the people in it long enough to escape. In alternate 1960’s England, you shall find a city, ravaged by war and rebuilt by delusion ally happy people thanks to the drugs they take which bring the joy in them and helps them ignore the harsh state of the city. Everything appears to be happy in Wellington Wells, including the roads, the people, and its ever-present television person...

Quantum Break Is The Max Payne For This Generation Of Video Games

Max Payne was one of the first games that we at Gaming Central played on the PC, and it had a tremendous impact on how we looked at video games. It built our expectations from them, and instilled a belief in us that excellent story telling, visuals and gameplay can go hand in hand. And this was almost fifteen years ago. Many games have come and gone since then, and except for the rare Half Life or BioShock or S.T.A.L.K.E.R., most of them have never given us that sense of satisfaction, or the feeling of pride at what Video Games are capable of. And then came Quantum Break. Remedy has been known for its critically acclaimed ground breaking games. With the dark gritty film-noir style story, slow motion effects and memorable characters in Max Payne, to the flashlight-and-gun wielding, supernat...

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 First Impressions

Today Microsoft launched it’s Surface Pro 4 in India. The surface pro 4 is a Tablet/Laptop. It’s a big leap forward from the Pro 3. Surface Pro 4 is a powerful devise with 16 GB ram and 1 TB Storage. It uses 6th Generation Intel core processor. It’s also 30% faster than Surface Pro 3 and 50% faster than Mac Book Air. You can watch our first impressions in the video below: There is a power and volume button on top. It has a USB 3.0 Port and a SD card reader. It also has a rear facing 8 Mega Pixel camera and a front facing 5 Mega pixel camera. The display on the Surface Pro 4 is a 12.3 inch pixel sense display, with a precise and responsive touch. The Surface Pro 4 much lighter (.785 kg) and thinner (8.4mm) than the Surface pro 3. It also comes with a pen which is pretty handy tool for desig...

Killzone Mercenary Multiplayer now in Beta

Killzone: Mercenary will be launched on the PlayStation Vita on September 10, and today marks the opening of the title’s multiplayer beta. Though the test phase is currently closed, but interested gamers can get their  hands will be able to get in without a special code at the end of August. The team at Guerrilla Cambridge has put together a new developer diary to detail what players can expect. The Valor Card system rewards kills, with more money offered up for taking out someone more experienced than yourself. Single-player and multiplayer progress is steady across modes, so even without a WiFi connection, you can advance your mercenary. Check out the Gameplay here  

Duck Tales game is Back in HD

We bet you have watched this cartoon show and admired it too! Capcom has released two new gameplay videos and a collection of screenshots for the upcoming HD remake of the NES classic, DuckTales. You can check out the image gallery below to check out The Amazon and Transylvania levels. DuckTales: Remastered was announced earlier this year, a game Capcom has been coordinating with Disney to bring to fruition since 2010. Capcom has also confirmed that the original voice cast will be providing performance for the game, and recently announced that the game will come to PC alongside consoles. Capcom has yet to confirm a solid release date, but we know it will be sometime this year. Source : Capcom Unity

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