Pre-release patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda Pre-release patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda has already had its fair share of reviews and BioWare has already released its first patch. And if you already have hands on this game then you will know what those problems are. Some of it is on the surface and some problems go way deeper. But that doesn’t mean it is full of flaws. It also has done a very good job with some of its physics and game play from the previous games. I guess the issues we currently face have to be put on hold for a while and look into what BioWare has fixed with its first patch. It fixes some of the issues that the users reported from the EA/Origin early access version. The patch would have been downloaded along with the game and will be a part of the final version of the game. As noted down by BioWare, this patch fixes the black scr...

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