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This Game Of Thrones Direwolf PC MOD Is Pure Nerdgasm

With Cooler Master, we held a competition to Power a Maker for the Power Your Passion competition. That maker is Amit Didwania, an interior designer who also happens to be a huge Game of Thrones fan. This is the story of how we Powered his Passion. He went on to make an highly detailed, and rather badass looking Game Of Thrones mod which you can see in the video below: PC Specification: Processor Intel Core i5 6500 GPU MSI GTX 970 Storage Wester Digital 1TB Black edition Cooling MasterAir Maker 8 Power Supply Cooler Master V650 RAM Zion 16GB DDR4 Motherboard MSI z170m Mortar For the latest in PC peripheral gear :: http://www.coolermaster.com/ Find more mods on :: https://www.facebook.com/havoknation/ For more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

Here’s Your Chance To Win A Kickass Gaming PC Worth Rs.80,000

Hey Gamers, Power Your Passion is about the flame inside us that needs to be fed. Maybe it happens when your eye catches the light reflecting in a glass of water; maybe when an enemy lands a devastating kick in your favorite comic book. Something sparks. A new shot, a new build, a new design leaps out from the flames. You come one step closer to making something your own. Don’t be caught unprepared in that moment. Always look for inspiration. Power it with your PC. Cooler Master and partners along with Gaming Central are here to literally Power your Passion. Just follow the Simple Steps and get a chance to WIN a supercharged Gaming Rig along with a supercool video featuring YOU the Winner 🙂 Get Started Now! How to participate? Three simple rules to participate Step 1: Like Cooler Master In...

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