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Nintendo’s Pokémon GO High Over?

After Nintendo stated last week that the financial impact of Pokémon GO will be limited, the company’s shares have plunged by about 17%, dissipating about USD 6.3 billion in market value. As per exchange movement rules in Japan, the greatest amount by which a company can fall is 18 %. While everyone immediately thinks of Nintendo when Pokémon is concerned, the company only has a 13% stake in Pokémon GO. It will be The Pokemon Company and developer Niantic who will reap most of the profits from the game’s storming success.  In a press release, Nintendo announced that they will not make any revisions to the annual forecast based on the game as it will have a limited financial impact. However, they have already taken into account the Pokémon GO Plus, which is indeed being develope...

Pokémon Go: The Biggest Smartphone Game In U.S. History

The debate is settled. Pokémon GO is officially the biggest mobile game to exist in the U.S. history. Measued by daily active users, Pokémon Go surpassed the hit indie game Slither.io and Supercell’s blockbuster game Clash Royale and became the biggest smartphone game of 2016, WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ITS RELEASE.  What’s more, is that within three days of its release, Pokémon Go has attracted more users than Twitter, reached the top charts if the App Store, earning devleopers Niantic millions of dollars and causing Nintendo’s stock price to shoot up by about 25%.  As of yesterday, Pokémon GO had just under 21 million daily active users in the US, leaving Candy Crush saga in the dust and making it the biggest mobile game in US history. Tinder and Clash and Candy Crush are all i...


Last week has gotten Pokémon fans all riled up, thanks to Nintendo bringing their most loved franchise to the smartphone. Yes, the little Pocket Monsters you’ve been a fan of since you were a kid can now be literally carried around in your smartphone as you roam around the world, aiming to catch ’em all. What a great time to be alive! Unfortunately, the game isn’t out for all countries yet. But for those who have the game and wondering about how to go about it, here’s everything you need to know to get you started on your journey to be the very best (like no one ever waaaaassss), to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cauuussseeee. Sorry. Got a little carried away there. Getting started First things first. When you run the game for the first time, you...

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