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These Pokemon GO Tweets By Indians Are Ridiculously Hilarious

So Pokemon GO has garnered fans across the nation, and if you’ve not come across people catching Pokemon on the streets, then your’e sure to have come across mentions of this immensely addictive mobile game on social media. Well, here are some of the most hilarious tweets Indians have posted on Twitter about their experiences with Pokemon GO. 1. #Sanskar Pokémon Go will take you to more temples than your parents did. — dorku (@Dorkstar) July 12, 2016 2. We agree. Pokemon Go already has more users than Tinder because Pikachu is any day better than picking a chu. — Bruce (@GhantaGuy) July 11, 2016 3. Dude chill! I wanna go out and play pokemon go but its 3am — Taras Maksimuk (@TechRax) July 13, 2016 4. Shots fired! Apparently Pokémon Go is causing lots of traffic accidents and pe...

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