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PlayStation Plus Free Games of October

Sony has revealed the lineup of free games that PlayStation Plus members –PS4, PS3 and Vita can avail of this month. As expected, there is a set of set games, three of which are launching on their respective platforms for the first time in October. On PS4, the one that stands out is Driveclub: PlayStation Plus Edition. This is the free version we’ve all heard so much about which consists of a sampling of the full version’s content. You are only limited to 10 cars at only one country’s events, however you get access to online and offline modes. Alongside this, Plus members on PS4 get Dust: An Elysian Tail and Spelunky. Both these games also come out in October. PS3 owners get games that are relatively older but still hold their own. To start off they’ve given Batman: Arkham Asylum, th...

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