Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack – Review

Planet Zoo has been easily one of the best games of 2019, and I had been itching to get my hands on more content for the game – cue in Arctic Pack and my Winter break could not have gone better! With a lot of new additions and features, Arctic Pack rejuvenated my joy of playing Planet Zoo. New animals and environments have been added, all with their own conditions and requirements for upkeep, and the whole gameplay loop is just so satisfying. A total of four new animals have been added – Arctic Wolf, Polar Bear, Reindeer, and Dall Sheep. Sadly, while there are Arctic biomes to create, not enough new plants and trees have been added to give the proper Arctic feel. this might be my only gripe with the DLC pack so far, otherwise there’s a lot here to invest some long hours b...

Planet Zoo – Review

Planet Zoo is fantastic – it’s both relaxing and intense, depending on how you go about it, and it’s one of my favorite sandbox building games in a good long time. You are basically designing, building and managing a zoo. And the tools are your disposal are incredible – there are over 70 animals to choose from, and then it gets into details about breeding, genetics, trading and so on. The Zoopedia has an immense amount of information detailing the kind of environment each species likes, the food suitable for it, and the space it needs, etc. Then there are the powerful building tools which help you reform terrain, put down items and paths exactly how you want it. There is a long learning curve here, but it’s not steep. the campaign familiarizes you with the too...

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