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Watch Dogs 2 On PC Will Have Denuvo Protection, More Details Revealed

In a recent FAQ put out by Ubisoft, new information about the PC version for Watch Dogs to has been revealed. It seems like a lot of care and attention is being put towards the PC version in order to make it look like a proper PC title, instead of a shabby port. 4K support and PC-centric UI looks to be a recurring highlight. Also present is Denuvo anti-tamper software protection, which some might be put off by, but is there for obvious reasons. Here’s the whole list of details as on the official blog: Will there be an FPS cap? No. FPS is entirely uncapped. We also have normal and sparse V-Sync modes, allowing you to cap it at monitor’s refresh rate, or half your monitor refresh rate, if you choose to. Will the resolution be locked? No. Resolution will not be locked. PC players will b...

Gears Of War: Ultimately Broken Edition Now Available On PC

Microsoft has lately been trying to gain some love on the PC Gaming front. First it brought Remote Play to the Xbox One which enables users to stream their Xbox One games to their Windows 10 systems, and then promised Gears Of War Ultimate Edition for the PC as well. It even announced Quantum Break to also come to the PC, which was quite the surprise, pleasant nonetheless. While Remote Play has definitely been a much needed addition, bringing Xbox One games to the PC seems much less so. Quantum Break has some really steep system requirements, which is baffling considering how it’s an Xbox One game to begin with. And there’s no way that Microsoft will make the game significantly graphically superior on the PC. Its not to say that the game does not look pretty. Both Quantum Break...

Red Dead Redemption might have a PC version to it-rumour

The name ‘Red Dead Redemption’ seems to be found in this database maintained by Microsoft to help in determining application compatibility with its various operating systems. The listing was discovered yesterday by a GAFer and it shows the cover of the game with various compatibility statuses for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. After going through the FAQ section of the database, it seems that in order for a product to be compatible, Microsoft considers several aspects such as the product passing the Windows certification requirements and receiving a logo, something which appears to apply to Red Dead Redemption in this case. It mentions that the app can only appear on the list either by a developer submission or by Microsoft testing, and that qualifying submissions will be published in t...

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