Pathologic 2

Pathologic 2 – Review

Pathologic 2 is a weird game and is not for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not for most people, and to be honest, it’s really not for me either. However, there’s something about it that had me curious – You play as one of three doctors, in a town being ravaged by a plague. You have 12 days to create a cure. To do that you need to explore the town, get help and information from the local townsfolk, and figure out what’s going on. There’s a lot of surreal imagery, the world feels alien and bonkers at times, and almost everyone is out for themselves, and can’t be trusted. You have to navigate this messy web of intrigue and self-interest, and make a cure while on the clock. Time is running out. Pros: Interesting story, great characters Some strange v...

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