overwatch rise and shine

Overwatch Gets A New Animated Short At Gamescom – Rise And Shine

Blizzard revealed the latest Overwatch animated short at Gamescom, focused on Mei, the ice-wielding climatologist. Titled as ‘Rise and Shine’, this is the seventh animated short the game has received. This 10 minute long animated video gives the players a better look at Mei’s backstory, who had been frozen cryogenically while doing research in Antarctica before returning to the Overwatch organization. Even though the game doesn’t have a story mode, Blizzard does an impeccable job of providing the heroes with a rich and sometimes emotional background in the form of these animated shorts, and the quality is top-notch, easily comparable to something made by a studio like Pixar.  There’s also other material that gives you a glimpse into the Overwatch lore, like co...

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