One Strike review

One Strike – Review

Cutting It Close One Strike is a surprising take on the age-old 2D fighter genre rehashing retro graphics, chip-tunes, and tight controls. The game features 4 different modes for you to compete in; One Life, Arcade, Team Duel, and Tournament. Want to climb your way to the top quickly? Participate in the tournament mode as you face your opponents while advancing the brackets. Think you have what it takes to take all comers? Try your luck in One Life, where you will have to defeat all 6 fighters while you are only one strike away from failure. In team battle, you go at it using a selection of 3 fighters. Arcade mode gives you 5 lives, making it the best place to start when trying out a new fighter. “Choose your character well!” Select one of the six unique fighters and embark on a quest to c...

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