NVIDIA Geforce 337.50 driver update

NVIDIA unleashes GeForce Experience 2.0 with 337.50 driver update

Our friends at NVIDIA have released a sparkling new driver update (337.50 Beta drivers) which brings in a slew of features. We’ve covered them in brief below and yes lot of exciting news PC gamers so gear up =) NVIDIA beta driver boosts performance ‘up to 64%’ in DirectX games New Drivers, New GeForce Experience Released In NVIDIA’s ongoing effort to provide an unmatched gaming experience they’ve released new drivers that are built on the DirecX11 industry standard to offer dramatically enhanced performance and releasing a new version of GeForce experience that’s packed with new features. New Drivers The new 337.50 Beta driver dramatically enhances the efficiency of the DirectX 11 driver to offer up to 71% faster gaming performance. Since these optimizations are made usin...

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