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Death Note Getting A Live-Action Movie On Netflix, Check Out The Trailer

Death Note, a critically acclaimed manga turned anime turned multiple live action adaptations is getting another live action version, this time on Netflix. Directed by Blair Witch director Adam Wingard, the movie stars Nat Wolff from The Fault in Our Stars as Light Turner (Light Yagami), along with William Dafoe as Ryuk. The story revolves around Light stumbling across a notebook, which allows him to kill whoever he wants simply by writing their name in the notebook (hence the name, Death Note). Light decides that he will use the notebook to rid the world of all criminals, while a bored shinigami (Ryuk) tags along. In addition to Wolff and Dafoe, the film will also feature the likes of Altanta’s Keith Stanfield as Light’s nemesis L and The Leftovers’ Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, a take ...

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