NES classic

N64 Classic Might Be In The Works After NES and SNES Classic But Is It Worth It?

Nintendo previously released the NES Classic by making a smaller, modern version of the NES with 30 pre-loaded games and modernized controllers. There were only a limited amount that were produced with people buying multiple of these and selling them for exorbitant prices. This was a neat way to cater to a niche audience and worked out quite well for Nintendo. Then they decided to make the SNES Classic, again with 21 pre-loaded games but one previously unreleased Star Fox game, Starfox 2. The SNES Classic is releasing on 29 Sept. 2017 for 80$, which is not worth it to pay this much money for a 27 year old console. I know the console looks cute and all but it seems to me that Nintendo is trying cash in on our nostalgia and charging us to play games that we already have played and might stil...

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