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Have You Met: NBA Playgrounds

If you dream of pulling off the sickest crossovers, breaking ankles, and slamming dunks, NBA Playgrounds is your jam! Are you tired of being alone and lonely? Do you stay up late at night, in bed looking up at the ceiling? Fear not! We’re here to hook you up! With Video Games!! Welcome to “Have You Met”, where we check out new and interesting games, and give our opinions about them. Yeah, we’re lonely too.. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.  

Slamma Jamma: NBA Playgrounds Review

Even as some one who doesn’t usually play sports games, NBA Playgrounds was one of my most anticipated games of 2017. Despite my lack of fondness for the yearly sports franchises, the more goofy and over-the-top style of NBA Playgrounds, and other games preceding it, like NBA Jam and NBA Street, always managed to deliver quick doses of fun, and the lack of most rules meant that I could just jump in, pull off some flashy moves, have a great time and step away. NBA Playgrounds stands up in this regard for the most part, but definitely falters in significant ways. For those new to these arcade-style sports games, NBA Playgrounds offers a two-vs two game of basketball, that you can play offline with bots, or with others via local and online multiplayer. You start off with a limited roste...

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