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Cricket trivia quiz app Freehit’s iOS version launched

Mocept, a Bangalore-based quiz app company has launched one of the most engaging cricket trivia quiz app – Freehit for cricket fanatics in the App Store. Freehit comes with an extensive question bank of more than 3,000, it has 20 topics, popular subjects being — World Cup, ODI, T20, Tests, Legends of Cricket, Rules, Cricketing shots, bowling actions, player jerseys, team names and many more. The app, which was launched in February this year, for Android phones, is now available for Apple users too. Freehit has been gaining popularity among cricket and IPL fans specially. The daily tournaments have seen ever increasing participation from cricket lovers with more than 1,000 new registrations every day. In its new avatar, players can now challenge their friends to test their cricket IQ....

World Cricket Championship Review

I use the Delhi Metro to travel almost everyday to get to work and I spend most of the commute looking down at my phone. Whenever I do manage to get my eyes off my mobile phone screen I find almost every other person glued to their own phones. Its a big thing now this mobile gaming here in India. Its going to be huge, if already not. After having said that I am going to review one of the games that keeps a lot of the Indian population occupied– World Cricket Championship. This game is highly addictive as it caters to the needs of a hardcore gamer as well as of a casual gamer. I played the game on the iPad Mini, Moto G and Lumia 720. World Cricket Championship worked pretty seamlessly on all the devices. Its a fairly simple game to get a hang of. While batting you use your left thumb ...

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