XR Central and NorthCap University Launch International Meta Game Jam

XR Central, in collaboration with NorthCap University, is launching an international Game Jam in support of the gaming community and game developers everywhere. The game jam will last for 48 hours, from May 6th 2022 to May 8th 2022, and participants will be tasked with making a 2D or 3D game from scratch. Game creators can make games for any platform they want and choose whatever kind of game they want to build. This will be an invaluable opportunity for budding developers to learn on the ground and begin a journey of innovation in XR. Workshops by industry experts will provide a guiding hand, and there will be many interactive activities planned along the way. The game jam will be livestreamed on the official NorthCap University YouTube channel, and gamers will have a chance to win prizes...

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