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Review: Tt eSPORTS POSEIDON Z RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Tt esports by Thermaltake offers a wide variety of accessories, from gaming mice to keyboards to headsets, and if you find looking for a decent mechanical gaming keyboard, you’ll surely end up some source or the other directing you to the Pozeidon Z range of gaming keyboards. These keyboards have taken the market by a storm, and today we review the Pozeidon Z RGB gaming keyboard. With 16.8 million colors of the RGB LEDs, and various modes and schemes to be used, the Pozeidon Z RGB doesn’t seem to be any short of features. It offers the signature Tt Blue Switches, and this design comes boasting of Macro capability, with on-the-fly Macro recording, profiles, and much more. Set flat on the table, the key caps seem to lean away from the user, as per the usual design. You can spot t...

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