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Secrets Of The Maw – Review

For anyone looking to return to the grotesque world of Little Nightmares, Secrets of the Maw is a three part DLC. The first chapter of the DLC is called ‘The Depths’, and as the name suggests it takes place closer to the bottom of the ship, The Maw. Not a lot has changed in The Maw since your last visit here, except that in ‘The Depths’, there’s a lot more water. Parts of The Maw are flooding, and most of the puzzles here are water-based. This part of the game is best played once the main game has been completed, since the game does a lot less hand holding here and expects you to be familiar with the game. And because of this familiarity, you will, for the most part, know what to do. The trick will be in nailing the timing and getting out before drowning. You play as ‘The Runaway Kid...

A Nightmare To Remember: Little Nightmares Review

From the very moment you wake up as a little girl clad in yellow, you feel a profound sense of helplessness. Making your way through vents and climbing up stairs with nothing but a lighter, you realise how small you are. Five minutes into the game, you’re greeted by a really tall man’s limp body hanging from above the ceiling. This is how Little Nightmares introduces you to its insidiously grim, yet well-lit premise. You play as Six, a nine-year old girl trapped in some kind of a nautical prison called the Maw. It’s a constant game of hide and seek where you use stealth to make your way past grotesque looking creatures who are out to get you. You’re also greeted by traps and falls and things that grant you instant death. There is a lot of ambiguity, you don’t ...

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