PlayStation Plus Games for February 2018 Announced

Chin up, everyone: as of tomorrow January is officially over. From here on in the days get longer, nights shorter and, with any luck, people will stop asking if you managed to stick to this year’s resolutions. Thank goodness! It’s time to look ahead to February, which is already peppered with some fantastic game releases, but – as ever – no month is complete without a fresh line up of PS Plus games. So, let’s dive in: Knack In the infamous words of Jurassic Park’s Dr Ian Malcolm, “well, there it is.” A fan-favourite of early PlayStation 4 adopters, the loveable shape-shifting Knack has been a hotly requested PS Plus title since the very beginning of the generation. Next month, he’ll finally get his time to shine. For the uninitiated, Knack follows the action-platforming capers of loveable ...

Sony Japan Studios Working On Multiple New Games, New IPs and Sequels Coming Soon

Sony Japan Studios has many great games under it’s belt like Bloodborne, Gravity Rush, Knack, Shadow of the Colossus, Ape Escape, The Last Guardian etc. But it won’t be taking a break as they are working on multiple games, new IPs and sequels like Knack 2, Shadow of the Colossus Remake, Everybody’s golf etc. In a recent interview with IGN, the Senior Vice President Allan Becker said- “At Japan Studio I think we have a lot of talented people, but for whatever reason I think we fell behind in terms of technology, and that started way back in the PS2 days and PS3, Japan Studio wasn’t producing that many titles. And so with PS4, we’re really starting to build the technology back up.” Although he did not state any titles that they are currently working on but he did say-  “Wit...

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