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Kill La Kill If – Review

Kill La Kill If takes most of its gameplay and combat mechanics from past 3D anime fighters like ‘Jump Force’ and ‘Naruto the Ultimate Ninja Series’. At first glance, while the game seems to offer everything that one might expect 3D anime fighters to offer and from a beloved animated series; Kill la Kill If mostly doesn’t hold up to the view for long. The combat is loose and badly designed and feels sluggish a lot of the times, making the losing many a time unfair. Other than that, the combat is in itself limiting, with only three ranges of attack, a melee attack -mostly close range one-, a long range attack, and special move. These are specific to the character you are playing but do become limited and repetitive after a while.  The camera also extremely badly designed rather than focusin...

Essay: On the Importance of Arc System Works!

“Arc System Works is a powerhouse, a hotbed for frantic, action packed, highly stylized and over the top excited gameplay!” How did a game developer whom I hardly knew ended up among my top three companies in the business? Sitting right next to gaming giant Nintendo and Ubisoft, Arc System Works (ASW) has become a dominant force in the video gaming landscape, and one that holds the candle, being the very best at what they do. Starting way back in the dark ages of 1988, ASW, or Arc Co. Ltd. as it was registered at the time, consisted of a hand full of developers hailing from the stables of SEGA. But it wouldn’t be until 7 years later that they managed to publish their first title, Exector, for the Sony Playstation. The following years would see several games being brought to market, includi...

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