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Top 10 Video Game Characters We’ve All Had A Crush On

People have crushes. Gamers also have crushes, but probably in-game crushes. Admit it, there have been a few female characters that you’ve gotten the hots for along the way. Here’s a list of crushes we’re sure you’ve had up until now. How many of your crushes feature on this list? Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Hey, the post apocalypse is still a great place for romance, especially if you’ve got Aloy by your side. This bow wielding bad ass won our hearts in Guerrilla’s new open world adventure Horizon Dawn, and we’re eager to see more of her soon. 2B Nier Automata Me and 2B have had a good thing going on, especially since that nude mod released for the PC version of Nier: Automata. Lara Croft Tomb Raider Probably the first name that comes to mind when  you...

Top 20 Female Characters Who Made Video Games Better

No matter what others will have you below, we have some fascinating and strong female characters in video games. These are not necessarily always main protagonists, but also companions on your video game journey. In celebration of International Women’s Day we are taking a look at the top 15 female characters who made Video Games better. Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy is new to us, but she’s made a strong first impression in Horizon Zero Dawn. Lara Croft – Tomb Raider Series Lara Croft is probably one of the first portrayal of a well done female Video Game character, and has made the Tomb Raider games one of our favorite series. Elena Fisher – Uncharted Series Without her, Nathan Drake would have really lost his way in the Uncharted series. Elizabeth Comstock &#...

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