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Top 10 Video Games That Proved Graphics Don’t Matter

Video game graphics have gone from blocky polygons to ultra-realistic in a span of just 10 years because of which a lot of people judge a game based on how good the graphics are, which just means how realistic it looks. They’re not talking about the art style in general or how a game’s world was crafted with specific art design.  So to prove that games don’t necessarily need ultra-realistic phenomenal graphics to be good, here’s a top ten list of games where the graphics were just an added bonus to the gameplay and instead of being the main point of the game, were a very wonderful tool for world building. Pokemon Red and Blue/ FireRed and LeafGreen Pokemon took the world by storm more than a decade ago and is still going strong. It all started with Pokemon Red and G...

The Top 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks Every Gamer Should Listen To

Video games are a gateway to many fantastic tales that have powerful stories. Alongside these stories, there’s the music and soundtrack that further helps the narrative of the game and engrosses the player even more. So here’s a Top 10 List of Video Game Soundtracks that are my favourites and are a must-listen. Do keep in mind that this list is based on my opinion which is bound to differ from yours, and I’ve only kept OSTs of games that are more recent, so don’t expect Chrono Trigger here. Doom This soundtrack is perfection. It is thrilling, exhilarating, heart pumping, demon killing, head ripping ecstasy. This is my go to soundtrack whenever I need to get pumped up or need to listen to something badass, but that’s not all about this soundtrack. Mick Gordon, ...

Devolver Puts Up Custom Hotline Miami 2 Cabinet For Sale on Ebay

Devolver Digital, publisher of indie games and movies, put up a custom retro style Arcade cabinet up for sale on Ebay today. It’s up for sale now here for an asking price of $1,499. The cabinet is Powered by a Gigabyte BRIX and is custom built by Arcades4Home, and features custom artwork. Since it is basically a one-of-a-kind Steam Machine with a custom Xbox 360 Controller hooked up to it, it can be used to play normal steam games as well. Here it is, in all it’s faux 90s glory: For more news and reviews, stay tuned to Gaming Central.

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