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Super Sunday: BioShock Infinite vs. Far Cry 3

Hey Folks, We’re stuck in another dileamma now, we have like so much time ¬†and nothing at all to do. Seriously, we are damn bored. But we’ve found two games, and just cannot put our finger down on which one we wanna play…..this is where you come in, leave your comments below.   BioShock Infinite¬† This game is quite something on paper it was nominated from the Game Critics Awards, for “Best Original Game”, “Best Action/Adventure Game”, “Best PC Game”, and the overall “Best of Show” award. It won IGN’s “Best Overall Game”, “Best Xbox 360 Game”, “Best PC Game”, and “Best Shooter” awards. So clearly, on paper this game seems to have it all. But it gets an even better res...

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